Prospect Park Station Area Planning

Final Report - May 2012
The Final Report from the pre-development framework phase of planning is now complete. To download the report, click here (4MB pdf). To view just the Table of Contents, click here.

With the completion of the pre-development framework, the Steering Committee has fulfilled its charge.
An Advisory Committee is now being formed to guide Prospect Park 2020 through the implementation phase.

From Planning to Marketing

Prospect Park 2020 has completed its initial charge, creating a pre-development framework and is moving into Phase 2 which will include marketing along with infrastructure analysis.

The following documents are available covering the predevelopment framework:

  • Final Report - Report covering the pre-development framework
  • Public Realm - Map showing parks, green/public space, connectivity
  • Land Use - Map showing potential land uses and preferred development
  • Textile Center - Description of Textile Center's visioning process
  • Model - Introduction to the model built to support the planning process
  • Sketches - Three sketches by Pong illustrating possible development scenarios
  • Workshop Handouts - Handouts from the September 17, 2011 Workshop at Tierney Brothers
  • Parking
  • Market Research

Coming Soon

  • Sustainable Development

Prospect Park 2020 is a complex, fast moving project with many layers and many players. For an overview of the project, click here to view a series of questions and answers explaining the project.